First of all, thanks for the virtual visit and nice to meet you.

My name is Orit and I am the founder and CEO of Ottorita for Contact Center Achievements, a well-known leading consulting company in the Israeli world of contact centers.

We are Consistently enhancing our connections with professionals from the contact centers world abroad, intending to extend the exposure and develop those engaging in the field in Israel and to also provide and share our knowledge also with colleagues overseas.

Please review the What we do page of our company, so you can get a better idea of our activity.

As part of our activity in Israel, we publish, on a weekly basis, professional contents relevant to the contact center world, through our blog, which is being followed by thousands.
Among our various activities, we also hold visits to leading contact centers.

Within the visits, the hosting managers present their contact center activity, share tips and implementational tools which can contribute to anyone engaged in the field. Such a visit takes about two hours.

I invite you to consider the option of hosting such a visit at your contact center.
I will also be glad to offer a one-hour lecture, exposing the current trends in the Israeli contact center world, for the managerial level at your contact center.

The visits allows us to share knowledge from the world with professionals in Israel, while constituting a primary value in our professional activity. Not less important, is the extensive value which I attribute to cooperation between professionals on the global level.

I will be happy if we can discuss this issue through skype or through e-mail initially.

This is my e-mail address – orit@ottorita.co.il

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks in advance,

Orit Avital, CEO

Ottorita for Contact Center Achievements

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