Who we are?

Ottorita was established in 2014. It was a response to the need of companies establishing and operating contact centers, on all scales.

Our vision deems the Company’s contact center as a core executive arm as well as a strategic arm, both essential to any company.

Our services provide the professional response necessary for several needs – growing awareness to the importance of the system conducting communication with the company’s customers, as well as increasing recognition of its development and nurturing… read more

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Orit Avital

Orit, who heads Ottorita, holds a Masters organizational-implementational sociology with more than 15 years of experience in the world of contact centers. Orit specializes in organizational development, management and leading establishment and performance improvement processes in contact centers.

Orit sees the contact center consulting and development processes as practical efficiency improvement processes. Such processes integrate implementational tools in order to create effect in the field.

Anyone familiar with the world of contact centers knows – it is not enough to consult a contact center – it is essential to improve the contact center efficiency.

The credo of Ottorita deems the contact center as a core arm responsible for the relationships with the company’s customers.

Our entire services are based on the need to develop and establish the constantly developing communication aspects and channels, vis-à-vis the organization’s customers.