Leading performance improvement processes at contact centers

Ottorita’s set of methods and tools is based on ongoing field work and our unique specialization in the contact centers world.

We offer a structured and adapted model constituting an engine which nourishes improvement processes at the contact center and paves the way to turn the contact center in the organization to the center of success.

Our expertise serves many contact centers and proves itself in activities in a variety of the Israeli market sectors and in all the fields of activity at the contact centers.

Training at contact centers

Alongside courses and training for managers, Ottorita offers training processes adapted to all the hierarchal levels at the contact center.

Ottorita Speaks the ‘language’ of the contact center the professional content world prevailing therein.

Training processes are constructed in accordance with the needs of the contact center and in their context

Practical “On the Job” Training – personal training processes allowing real time integration.

Soft skills workshop – training providing exposure, learning and adoption of conceptions necessary for the contact center. The workshop also provides practical tools and demonstrations for manners of integration in the contact center content world.

Development of quality control mechanisms – conferring training tools for constant improvement and development of the level of quality and professionalism of the contact center.

Who is the training suitable for?

The training in the various methods is adapted to all the hierarchal levels at the contact center, including – agents during the initial training, veteran agents, contact center operation and back office agents, team leaders and shift managers, all of the administrative, logistic and managerial positions existing at the contact center.

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