Our Core Values

Guiding principles at Ottorita

The work principles at Ottorita are adapted to the needs of the contact center reality

Professionalism and nothing less

Ottorita offers the professional body of knowledge and management theory in the contact centers world. Ottorita adapts them to the sector and nature of the contact center through the use of implementational tools for optimal integration at the contact center.  That is professionalism.

Action and involvement on the “floor”

The development of a contact center is a constant challenge. The contact center reality is dynamic, intensive and requires ongoing action on the “floor”.

Ottorita operates on the floor, de facto, with all the hierarchal levels of the contact center.

Mandatory Situational Flexibility

Ottorita confers tools and skills for independent and efficient coping with the dynamic changing reality of the contact center.

We offer unique responses, supportive development processes and involvement in the daily challenges faced by managers at the contact center.


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