Project Description By Client

In the past year, WIZO’s Early Age Division conducted working relations with Ms. Orit Avital of Ottorita.
As part of the cooperation, Orit set up two focused workshops for the staff of the Early Age Division for the improvement of the quality of service for both internal and external customers, and for the improvement and development of the team’s telephone conversation skills.
Professionalism, the ability to analyze and diagnose the issues that require treatment, her captivating personality, as well as the knowledge and investment in identifying the needs in a focused manner amounted to a winning combination that enabled the participants to be open and demonstrate a sincere desire to listen, understand and create the change as service providers.
The emotional engagement raised by the subject and expected change were apparent.
Orit was involved in the learning process of the staff members. She physically came to the department headquarters, held personal conversations with the service providers, and was genuinely interested in the discussions that took place between the sessions.

The conclusions and recommendations she presented in writing touched the core of the need identified and suggested viable solutions.

The statement on their website: “At the contact center, providing advice is not enough, improving efficiency is essential ” – is not a slogan.

I’m sure our paths will cross again.

Highly recommended,

Great appreciation,
Rachel Sror
Director of the Pedagogic Department
Early Age? Division
World WIZO