Project Description By Client

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Orit Avital of Ottorita for the provision of a professional, high-quality seminar as well as important added value to the managers of the contact centers of Teleall.


Teleall operates dozens of sites scattered throughout Israel from Be’er Sheva to Kiryat Shmona.

As an organization that specializes in the management and leading  of service contact centers, we constantly seek development and promotion channels for our managers.


A seminar on performance improvement at contact centers, held and guided by Orit, served as an important and vital springboard for the development of work and management processes, and as a result, improved performance.

The seminar combined theoretical and conceptual aspects that are essential for contact center managers, together with practical tools and case studies that contributed as well.


As a general, the feedback received from the managers regarding their participation in the seminar was excellent and its results are already reflected in the field.

The managers noted that the seminar was very interesting, enriching and that it contributed greatly to their regular work in the management of the contact center. The atmosphere of the seminar, the workbooks and the activities, and the contents of the seminar demonstrate professionalism and generally met the needs of the managers.

Orit’s uniqueness, messages, guidance and adaptability to our language and world of content, were reflected in the tools and messages that the managers came back with from the seminar.

In addition, Orit’s support in the leading of the internal and organizational follow-up process for the implementation of the tools provided at the seminar was both thorough and professional.

I am sure that the seminar’s contribution to our contact centers will continue to be reflected in the management we do for our clients.



Karni Kaplan