Project Description By Client

Ottorita has guided us through an in-depth and essential process of mapping training needs for the relations department.


The professional and dedicated accompaniment in the mapping of the department’s primary needs and challenges helped to improve the professionalism of the agents, while clarifying the role of the department.


The preliminary process – detailed and thorough – included, among other things, the assembly of a performance and skill profile for each agent in the department, the receipt of detailed feedback from the team’s staff, listening to the calls of the agents, as well as initiated customer calls.

Through all of these, Orit managed to create a common and homogeneous language with the agents, reflecting the organization’s spirit and goals.

The 7-hour workshop was productive and fascinating.

The improvement in capabilities and performance is evident on the floor and continues to have a positive impact on the department’s operation. The agents left the workshop satisfied and full of ideas. The motivation in the workshop and thereafter was high, as was the willingness to accept criticism and to hear new ideas for professional improvement.


The process as a whole was enriching, inspiring and unique and presented a refreshing angle of training and mentoring in the contact center and in general.


As a result of the great effectiveness of the process, we will be working with Ottorita again in the near future and we encourage anyone seeking assistance in the areas of performance improvement, team development, system optimization, service and sales to do the same.



Shlomo Feldman

Director of Conservation and Development

Greenpeace Mediterranean Sea – Israel