Project Description By Client

In the past year, the staff of Ottorita conducted an audit by Orit Avital and a diagnosis of Chromagen’s service and sales contact center.

The purpose of the diagnosis was to examine the Company’s preparedness for service and sales on the Hotline, in accordance with the needs of the Company and to examine the Company’s future needs in accordance with the Company’s strategic changes.

The staff of Ottorita joined the work of the contact center without creating unnecessary disturbance, while taking into consideration all aspects of the department and creating excellent working relationships on all levels.

Their team understood the organization on the general broad level, as well as the emphases therein, in every context.

Orit did not spare background, preparatory and research work, and her conclusions were based on data and analysis, as well as personal introduction conversations with all of the staff.

The team made interim summaries, submitted options for thought, and has already presented clear and precise courses of action for the goals that we set for ourselves.

All along the way it appeared that the team was really interested in the organization, people and needs.

At the end of the process and after presenting the conclusions, a summary booklet was submitted and presented as a work plan for the continuation of the process.

We would like to thank Orit and the staff of Ottorita,

and warmly recommend them for anyone interested in professional work for the  development of the contact center in their organization.

Thank you

Happy New Year

Anat Milo,

Human Resources Manager – Chromagen