Project Description By Client

American Laser deems its contact center as the face of the company, the first interaction of the potential customer with company. Moreover, the contact center is the central and most significant arm   generating and increasing the company’s profits. Therefore, it was decided to embark on a process of development of the capabilities of our telemarketing contact center operated by the Company.

We met with Ottorita more than five years ago, in the process of diagnosing and mapping the needs we sought to perform for our sales contact center. Orit from Ottorita carried out a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation and even proposed a structured work plan to improve the contact center’s performance and management more effectively.

As part of a process that lasted for six months, Ottorita managed to implement the goals that were planned by building effective tools and integrating them on all levels of the contact center.

Since then, Ottorita has been the address for us in development processes, professional consulting, accompaniment and development of managers and development of the chain’s service and sales systems.

Ottorita’s commitment to quality and professional advice is also reflected in its involvement in the field and its ability to engage all levels of staff to integrate the new work processes which continue to be implemented at the contact center even after the completion of the consulting process.

The professional and experienced approach implemented by Orit Avital helped us transform the most important arm of the company into a professional force that operates according to structured work processes while leading to better results than in the past.

We continue to use the services of Ottorita in order to develop additional core activities, implement improvements and provide additional skills to our employees, based on faith in the added value that Ottorita provides, in addition to professionalism and full involvement in processes,

in the most efficient and effective manner.



Ronnie Blankleder